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TOPNEWS 14 November 2012 (from NanoEIS, Malsch TechnoValuation)

new project NanoEIS: Nanotechnology Education for Industry and Society


From this month, the EU funded project NanoEIS will investigate the European labour market for personnel trained in nanotechnology. The relevance of existing nanotechnology education and training in universities, [..]

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18 December 2012 (from The Innovation Society)

Gen Re Suggests Foresight Handling of Nanotechnologies and "360-Degree-Risk-Monitoring"

Moelcule structure

Gen Re an international reinsurance company highlights the issue of liability insurance of nanotechnologies. The article "Handling Nanotechnologies with foresight in the context of Liability insurance" describes [..]

18 December 2012 (from Environmental Health News)

Sunscreen's unintended consequence: skin-harming oxidants

The use of sunscreens is on the increase, with a distinct trend towards higher sun protection factors.
Press image BASF

Chlorine in swimming pools can strip the coating off titanium dioxide nanoparticles in sunscreens that protect against UV radiation, leaving them able to react with water and form compounds that can contribute to skin [..]

03 December 2012 (from EthicSchool)

EthicSchool announces summerschool


From 9-13 September 2013, the EthicSchool summerschool on Ethics of Emerging Technologies will be organised online. [..]

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02 November 2012 (from EthicSchool)

EthicSchool newsletter 2 published


EthicSchool organises events on Responsible Innovation with a focus on nanotechnology and emerging technologies. [..]

15 October 2012 (from European Commission)

EC adopts 2nd regulatory review nanomaterials

Business people

On 3 October, the European Commission adopted a communication on the 2nd regulatory review on nanomaterials. [..]

09 October 2012 (from Taylor & Francis)

Waiting games over (nano)innovation analysed

Business people

The Journal Technology Analysis and Strategic Management just released a special issue on Waiting Games. Three articles are free to read online until 30 November 2012. [..]

13 July 2012 (from Institut für Technikfolgenabschätzung und Systemanalyse (ITAS))

Final Report of the EP STOA project "Nano Safety - Risk Governance of Manufactured Nanoparticles"

General molecule structures

The final report of the project "Nano Safety - Risk Governance of Manufactured Nanoparticles" for the Science and Technology Options Assessment (STOA) Panel of the European Parliament (issued 02-2012) is now made [..]

12 July 2012 (from European Commission)

EC FP 7 calls for proposals published

Euro money

On 10 July, the European Commission published the last major batch of calls for proposals under FP7, worth 8.1 billion euro. [..]

09 July 2012 (from RIVM)

RIVM assesses EC definition nanomaterial


The Dutch National Institute for Health and Environment just published the report Interpretation and implications of the European Commission's Definition on Nanomaterials. [..]

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